Each year Cherry Capital Comic Con is host to a variety of talented and dedicated artists, writers, and industry professionals.

Get your chance to meet them on the convention floor or in one of our intimate panels.

Check out the C4 2017 guest line up below!



C4 2017 Guests


Cooper Andrews 1COOPER ANDREWS – BOOTH 913

Media Guest

In a world where geeks are finally represented fairly on television, AMC’s breakout hit Halt and Catch Fire is king. Cooper Andrews’ character, Yo-Yo, has always been a reliable source of good times—which is vital when the show takes one of its frequent sharp left turns to heartbreak city. Leaving his keyboard and every other piece of technology behind, Cooper is one of the many new faces camped in The Kingdom during The Walking Dead‘s seventh season. As King Ezekiel’s right hand man, Jerry, he’s a crackup. His one-liners perfectly balance the King’s old world charm. Cooper also appeared alongside Jason Momoa and Julianna Nicholson during the second season of Sundance’s The Red Road.

Cooper’s other television work includes a ton of time spent on sound departments for various productions, as well as guest starring on Hawaii Five-O, Limitless, and Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell. He has filmed several independent films, including Golgotha and Mandie and the Secret Tunnel. His upcoming film is Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, directed by Ang Lee, and starring Kristen Stewart and Vin Diesel.



Ryan Browne is the Harvey Award losing co-creator/artist of the new Image Comics hit series Curse Words, with Charles Soule. He is also known as the creator of God Hates Astronauts, and the sometimes fill-in guy on Manhattan Projects and Bedlam. You’ll love him? How’s that for a bio? Let me know and I can write something better. Sleepy.





Caliber Comics is Michigan’s largest comic/graphic novel publisher with over 150 graphic novels in active print and 650+ issues available digitally.







Comfort and Adam are the award nominated duo responsible for The Uniques and Rainbow in the Dark, and The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Comics (Random House). In 2017 they will continue their work on The Uniques as well as releasing the collected addition of their first webcomic, Kitty Game.






Steve Geiger 1STEVE GEIGER – BOOTH 917

For the past Twenty years Steve Geiger has served as a professional artist in the advertising and comic book fields. After graduating from Buffalo State University, he began his career as an apprentice to the legendary comic book artist John Romita Sr. He was soon hired on staff, and eventually was named Managing Art Director for The Marvel Entertainment Group.

Throughout his career he has served as a regular artist on such comics as Spider-man, The Incredible Hulk , Bloodshot, Scion, Lorelei, and Samuree.

Steve has also illustrated many covers and single issues (“One Shots”) for such titles as The X-men, Punisher: War Journal, The Fantastic Four, Batman, and countless others.

He is now launching his own enterprise, The Evilgeiger Empire, an entertainment development company devoted to the creation, implementation, and production of original content and creator-owned concepts and characters.

Steve’s current projects include: The Henchman with Devin Hylton, Gabriel Damascus; Cutter, and Plowboy in the Cornmeal Universe with Hollywood Animation.



Brian Level is a professional comic artist. His work most recently includes Uncanny Inhumans and Deadpool for Marvel Comics and Suicide Squad Most Wanted, Batman, and Hellblazer for DC Comics. In addition, Brian is co-creator and artist of The Mantle published by Image Comics/Shadowline.  He’s done covers for Deadly Class at Image, Sons of Anarchy for BOOM! Studios, and various titles for Black Mask Studios and Valiant Comics. He lives on the river in Kentucky, just across from Cincinnati, Ohio.





DIRK MANNING is best known as the writer/creator of comic series such as the “Cthulhu Noir” Tales of Mr. Rhee (Devil’s Due/1First Comics) and the mind-bending horror anthology series Nightmare World (Image Comics/Shadowline). Dirk is also the author of the ongoing inspirational column/book collection WRITE OR WRONG: A WRITER’S GUIDE TO CREATING COMICS (Caliber/Bleeding Cool) and has written for the RPG company Reliquary Game Studios. More of Dirk’s gripping and exciting stories can be read in comic titles such as Dia De Los Muertos and Love Stories (To Die For) (Image Comics/Shadowline) and The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West (Aspen/Big Dog Ink) among various other anthologies, including the horror film anthology series BLACKBOX TV. In regards to his books, he always has copies of his work with him at his table – and autographs/book signings are always free! When not on the road Dirk lives on the Internet and can be found online at as well as at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr @dirkmanning .


Rob Miller 1ROB MILLER – BOOTH 1002

Rob Miller is a Michigan Native who is a creature and special effects artist and is well known for his application and fabrication skills on the hit SyFy TV show Face Off – Season 8 – Return of the Champions.  His work can be seen on the big screen as well as behind the scenes.  Rob’s sculptured models have been prominently featured in art shows, Fangoria Magazine, as well as Amazing Figure Modeler.  He is co-owner of Artistic Apes Studio which specializes in making costumes and props.  He is an award winning master sculptor and works as an Automotive Sculptor at Ford Motor Company’s Product Development Center.




Ryan Stegman 1RYAN STEGMAN – BOOTH 915

Ryan Stegman was born in a drafty stable near Detroit. Ryan picked up crayons and drew on a wall; he was 18 years old. Shortly thereafter, he learned about pencils and paper. He was happy, as were his parents. After being “released,” he decided that drawing comics was a good idea.

He got all of his horrible drawings out of the way (well, most of them) and then got hired to do covers for Markosia including Starship Troopers and Midnight Kiss. He then found himself at Marvel working as the penciller and inker for the series Magician Apprentice in which he contributed from 2006-2009.

Ryan signed an exclusivity agreement with Marvel in 2010. Ryan did various work for Marvel for titles such as Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Sif, and X-23 before his memorable work on the “Man Hunt” series for She-Hulks.

In 2011, Ryan did work on the Fear Itself: Deadpool series before becoming an artist for The Amazing Spider-Man series as well as assorted off-shoots. Ryan also drew for Superior Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider series during that time, both of which having direct ties to the death of Peter Parker.

Ryan has also contributed to numerous other Marvel series, including Fantastic Four, Avengers Vs. X-Men, Moon Knight,  and “Rogue Logan” series for Wolverine.

His most recent work includes Inhumans, Uncanny Avengers, and his current book Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows.  Due to the restraints of a bulky ankle bracelet and poor hygiene, he is forced to stay indoors and draw.


Mark Texeira 1MARK TEXEIRA – BOOTH 805

Mark Texeira was born and raised in New York City. He attended Manhattan’s High School of Art and Design, and was granted a Presidential Scholarship at the School of Visual Arts- where he attended for two years before dropping out to pursue a freelance commercial art career. During this period, Texeira took classes at the Art Students League. His oil paintings soon won mentions at the Salmagundi Club and the Society of Illustrators.

Comics titles Texeira has contributed to include Masters Of The Universe (1981), DC Power Lords, Jonah Hex and its spinoff Hex (1985–1986), Psi-Force (1986–1987), The Punisher War Journal (1990), Ghost Rider vol. 2 (1990–1992, 1997–1998), and vol. 5, Wolverine vol. 2 (1993), Sabretooth (1993), Spider-Man: Legacy of Evil (1996), Black Panther vol. 3 (1998), Moon Knight vol. 4 (1999), Vampirella, Cyclops (2001), Hercules vol. 4 (2005) and Wolverine vol. 3 (2005).


James Venhaus 1JAMES VENHAUS – BOOTH 918

James Venhaus is an accomplished playwright making his first foray into comics with his creator-owned series The Night Owl Society, published by IDW Publishing. The Night Owl Society started as a crowdfunded self-published book, and after receiving glowing reviews, was picked up by IDW for a 3-issue limited series. He is currently working on a new all-ages adventure comic called The Rainbow Power Girls, about two sisters who are chosen to be earth’s champions by the King and Queen of the Rainbow Planet. James’ plays have been produced in theatres across the country and in 9 foreign countries. He lives in Fort Worth, TX with his wife and daughters.


Peyton Wich 1PEYTON WICH – BOOTH 912

Media Guest

As Troy- the bully everyone loves to hate- on Netflix’s sensational hit show Stranger Things, Peyton Wich made quite an impression on fans, instantly marking him an up-and-comer to keep an eye on in the future.

Before Stranger Things, Wich starred in Impact Earth and appeared in a couple of short films. He has begun work on a post-apocalyptic series called Digger. Stepping back in time, Wich has a role in the Civil War era biopic The Opera Game as well. His next feature film, Same Kind of Different as Me, releases in February 2017 with stars Renée Zellweger and Djimon Hounsou.