Exhibitors. – 2013

Exhibitor/Vendor and Artist Alley space for 2013 is full. For questions please contact exhibitor_relations@cherrycapitalcon.com.

2013 Floor Map






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2013 Vendors/Exhbitors

501st Legion & Rebel Legion – Booth #703

The 501st and Rebel Legions are all-volunteer organizations formed for the express purpose of bringing together costume enthusiasts under a collective identity within which to operate. The Legion seeks to promote interest in Star Wars through the building and wearing of quality costumes, and to facilitate the use of these costumes for Star Wars-related events as well as contributions to the local community through costumed charity and volunteer work.

AH Digital – Booth #410

Your source for all things manga, anime, and more! Toys, posters and much more available. Something for everyone!

BJ’s Fun Stuff – Booth #203

Stop by to see Bob and John for a selection of comics, toys and tabletop gaming items for sale.

Brad’s Comics & Collectibles – Booth #705

Specializing in high grade comics along with bargain discounted comics. Action figures, magazines, graphic novels, artwork and other related materials available. Ebay Seller ID: bradleywr

Collector’s Resource LP – Booth #701

Manufacture and distribution of frames and displays for the comic book industry. Come check out our new UV safe products that protect your books while on display. Stop by and pick up one of our EXCLUSIVE limited edition C3 logo frames- available in limited quantities.

Comic Wreck – Booth #710

Comics and related “Stuff”- We concentrate on the “Other” stuff- Always Looking to trade, maybe even buying…

Dude’s Comics – Booth #302

Specializing in comics new and old; large selection at great prices.

F.Y.E. – Booth #301

Stop by and check out great deals on comic related merchandise from one of the countries’ largest entertainment retailers!

Gaming for a Cure Booth – #704

Local Non-Profit charitable organization focused on bringing gamers of all kinds together for one common goal: to raise awareness and funding for the fight against cancer.

JEM Collectibles – Booth #707

All things Star Wars! Vintage to new! Ships, figures, playsets- a little bit of EVERYTHING! Buying and Selling!

Lange’s Sports – Booth #101

Comic books, new and old. Toys available as well.

Mint On Card, Inc. – Booth #709

Everything Star Wars!

Mystik Waboose – Booth #104

T-shirts, buttons & lab coats!

Rock 105 – Booth #702

EXCLUSIVE C3 Media Sponsor. Cartman, host of the daily Cartman in the Morning program, will be broad casting LIVE all weekend!

Rivertown Entertainment – Booth #712

Pop Culture and movie memorabilia for sale. Something for everyone!

Sarantos, Alex – Booth #708

Dealing in vintage comics, toys and collectibles.

SciFi Cards – Booth #202

Featuring trading cards of all types. Marvel, DC, Movies and Television. Original sketch card art and autographs. www.scificards.com

Taco Bell – Booth #719

Official C3 Sponsor. Stop by for great deals, cool swag, and meet the creators of the webcomic The Bait, who will be on hand to sketch and sign!

Top Comics – Booth #201

Official C3 Sponsor. Comic books, action figures, posters, prints and more. Vintage, Modern, and all books in between! Make a stop at the Top to purchase EXCLUSIVE C3 prints!

Traverse Area District Library – Booth #706

The Traverse Area District Library is your local source for free access to graphic novels, manga, anime, superhero movies and more!. www.tadl.org

Up North Superhero Toy Box –  Booth #102

Specializing in action figures. Marvel Universe, DC Universe, G.I. Joe, He-Man, Star Wars, WWE. New & Vintage. www.amazon.com/shops/A1JWT4QR15BWK4


We specialize in online sales and auctions, offering comic books, toys, and comic-related merchandise. Visit us online at www.webheadcomics.com

Artist Alley:

11/88 Studios – Booth #608

11/88 Studios returns! New to the table this year is “12”, a self-published comic from Keith Frederick Robinson featuring the colors of Maria Belen Pilaftsidis-Horsch (also scheduled to appear). Also available, $3 headshot sketches from future 11/88 Studios creators Collin Avery, Kevin Denham and Gordon Lee.

734 Designs – Booth #717

Pop culture stickers and signs available! stores.ebay.com/734designs

Budnick, Andy – Booth #507

Andy is a Grand Rapids comic artist and illustrator who’s credits include murals, storyboards for films shot in Grand Rapids, and contributions on a number of comics. Andy has had work chosen for review by Marvel and is currently working with west Michigan writers on two planned projects. Andy is a 2009 graduate with honors of Kendall College of Art and Design.

Bullpen Studios – Booth #610

Bob Lefevre and Curtis Merrill, of Alpena, MI, are Bullpen Studios. BullpenStudios.blogspot.com

Digital Nerdage Podcast – Booth #711

Digital Nerdage is a local podcast about everything that makes being a nerd fun. Pat and Corey have many interests from comics, to video games, to technology and everything in between. They are all fair game for this dynamic duo! Broadcasting live all C3 weekend- stop by and join the conversation! www.digitalnerdage.com

Fosgitt, Jay – Booth #514

Jay is the creator of the graphic novel Dead Duck (now found as a web comic), and has worked on The Marquis, Old McMonster’s Haunted Farm, and his newest book: Bodie Troll. www.jayfosgitt.com

Gauthier, Leslie – Booth #509

With a quirky and sometimes unconventional sense of humor, she draws her way through life, pop (nerd) culture and her own imagination! gingerlymade.tumblr.com

Gerlach, Bruce – Booth #502

Freelance illustrator and cartoonist. Creator of Muck Man and has worked with licensed properties from Lucasfilm, Marvel and DC Comics, Warriors of Mars, Voltron and more! www.tattooed-sky.blogspot.com

Hammermeister, Mark – Booth #609

Mark Hammermeister is a professional illustrator from the Detroit area. His work has appeared in numerous magazines, including Playboy, HOW, The New York Observer, HorrorHound, and ImagineFX. http://www.markdraws.com

Heads Up Studios- Jay Brant – Booth #601

Stop by and meet Heads Up Studios’ Jay Brant, artist-cover illustrator and writer. Books available- Cheescake, Hookers & Balloons and Pizza, Porn & Santa Claus. www.headsupstudios.com www.headsupstudios@deviantart.com

Jacot, Jay – Booth #513

Original art, prints, and self-published comics. j2comics.blogspot.com

Johnson, Jordan – Booth #605

Jordan Johnson is a comic book artist from Michigan who has worked for several publications but has taken some time off to work on a self-published title, Gritt, releasing in August 2013. http://jordan-johnson.deviantart.com

Killustration Studios – Booth #718

Killustration Studios is a husband and wife team from Grand Rapids, MI. Visit Tyler and Sara for Giant Monster and Superhero fan art. Don’t see what you are looking for? We are always taking commissions! Get your idea Killustrated! www.killustrationstudios.com

Kolka, Kurt – Booth #511

Kurt Kolka is one half of the creative team behind the successful Michigan-based comic The Cardinal. Kolka is the writer and inker, and produces the comic with artist Tobias Neal. This year, they are releasing an anti-bullying comic called The Cardinal: A Bullying Story, which includes anti-bullying strategies and features appearances by comic characters like Beetle Bailey, Blondie, Luann, Broom Hilda, Dennis the Menace, Dick Tracy, Little Orphan Annie, For Better or For Worse, Funky Winkerbean, The Pajama Diaries, Stone Soup and many others. www.gocomics.com/thecardinal

Krekeler, Ken – Booth # 508

Writer/Illustrator of all Kinetic Press titles, including Westward, Dry Spell and The Colodin Project. www.kinetic-press.com

Leen, Kevin – Booth #714

One half of Fantastic Storytime, with Brett Pinson. Original artwork and prints. www.leenink.com

Leinaar, Kenneth – Booth #716

Ken Leinaar is a professional artist from Bay City, MI. He’s worked in indie comics for several years, having inked for Cosmic Times, Shot In The Dark Comics, and Creature Entertainment. Over the last few years he has done marketing art, logo design, publishing indie comics, illustrated children’s books and countless commissions. This weekend, he will be doing sketches, taking commissions, and promoting his latest book from Cosmic times, From Blood. You can enjoy more of his caffeine-fueled creations at www.kenleinaar.com .

Manley, Jeffery J. – Booth #504

Prolific barely begins to describe the works of cartoonist Jeffery J. Manley. After self-publishing the autobiographical Manley Days and his original all-ages graphic novel Gone, he teamed up with some friends to bring the web comics Terrorbads and Punching the Clock to life. Were TWO web comics enough for Jeff? NO! Not one to shy away from a full workload, Jeff added a third ongoing web comic to his weekly art duties, entitled Treasure Hunter! Stop by and check out his many works, have an affordable commission (he’ll draw ANYTHING) created in front of your very eyes, and pick up his new sketch book, Drawn From Memory, for an amazingly low price!

McClain, Jim & Rose – Booth #602

Jim McClain is the creator of Solution Squad, an all-ages educational comic. Rose McClain is the artist of Solution Squad as well as the webcomic Scoundrels. www.solutionsquad.net

Meeuwes, Chris – Booth #505

Writer of the web comic sensations Terrorbads and The Naturals. Come check out his work, talk comics, and marvel at his amazing beard. www.twoforonecomics.com www.thenaturalscomic.com

Miello, Tony – Booth #501

One half of Rocket Ink Studios,Tony has been working as a freelance cartoonist for over 15 years. He has worked on projects from spot illustration to full comic book stories. Tony is the creator of the comic strip GAPO the Clown, which has been published both on the web and in print since 2003. He has worked on comics based on the popular cable television shows Who Wants to be a Superhero and Wolfman Mac’s Chiller Drive-In, and has provided sketch cards for trading card companies Upper Deck and Breygent Marketing. Comics, original art and prints available. www.gapotheclown.com

Moore, Dimitris – Booth #612

Dimitris is an aspiring comic creator making his debut into the ring with his creator-owned series, Tesla. drmoore.deviantart.com

Mork, Teresa – Booth #603

Sketches, fandom jewelry and t-shirts. etsy.com/shop/thequeensgambit

Neal, Tobias – Booth #510

Northern Michigan born and raised, Tobias Neal is the creator of the fantasy web comic The Sword and also pencils The Cardinal comic strip. When not drawing and creating, Tobias is busy spending time with his greatest pieces of art- his kids.

Newcomb, Teal – Booth #603

Selling original fantasy art, prints and t-shirts. www.metalkirin.com

Pinson, Brett – Booth #713

One half of Fantastic Storytime, with Kevin Leen. Also representing Boomtown Press. Brett is the creator of The Boomtown Scabs, The Expendables and The Adventures of Carl. www.boomtownpress.com

Pulkovski, Bill – Booth #501

One half of Rocket Ink Studios, Bill’s artwork can be found in comic books, magazines, posters, trading cards and books. He has worked on many officially licensed pop culture brands including Star Wars, DC, Marvel, The NHL and Universal Monsters. Along with being a freelance illustrator and designer, Bill is also an illustration instructor in Michigan. Learn more about Bill at www.billpulkovski.com

Punching The Clock – Booth #503

From the mind of writer Rob Humphrey, and the talented hand of artist Jeffery J. Manley, Punching the Clock follows the exploits of two nerdy friends attempting to survive the day-to-day fail of their jobs at big box retailer Buy Lots. Nominated for a 2012 Comics Buyers Guide Fan Award, and featured in the 2013 Geekie Awards. Stop by and pick up an EXCLUSIVE LIMITED CONVENTION PRINT, and Volume 1 of the comic in print! www.punching-the-clock.com

Ram Lee Art – Booth #613


Rapid Fire Entertainment LLC – Booth #606

Rapid Fire Entertainment LLC started in 2009 and became an independent comic book company. www.rapidfirecomics.com

Rocket Ink Studios – Booth #501

Join Bill Pulkovski and Tony Miello as they launch new projects under their newly minted studio, Rocket Ink Studios! Between them, Tony and Bill have YEARS of creating amazing art for just about every pop culture property under the sun- including Star Wars, DC, Marvel, Universal, and many more! Original art, prints and commissions available!

Side Quest Comic – Booth #512

Weekly web comic exploring pop and nerd culture through the humorous and irreverent lives of Jarv and Paulie. Trading cards, sketch cards and posters will be available for purchase. www.sidequestcomic.com

Taste the Butterfly- Curt Neeb – Booth #506

Local artist Curt Neeb presents a unique take on all things comic. Featuring original art; prints, sketch cards and commissions. Curt’s work boasts extremely tight line work, uber-detailed pencils, and specializes in highlighting the “darker” side of art.

That’s Terri-ific – Booth #611

Wars? Trek? Heroes? Take your tech with you in a stylish way. Custom tablet covers, bags and wallets to show your geek pride!

Two For One Comics – Booth #719

TwoForOneComics.com founders Sherief and Mr.Pantz bring a weekly web comic called The Bait, following a hero of the same name through the turmoils of being a superhero. This character driven tour de force explores more than just the adventurers in heroism, but gets into the gritty real life drama surrounding the duality of being no one special while hiding a life of renown. It’s like Hannah Montana, but awesome because its got superheroes, better writing, its actually funny, and it features red pandas on motorcycles*. (*Not actually true.) www.twoforonecomics.com

Woods, Ted – Booth #604

Self Published comics- The Book of Love. Original art, prints, sketch cards, original sketches. dantereader.deviantart.com

Zero Arts Entertainment – Booth #607

Zero Arts Entertainment started in 2003 as an independent manga and anime company. Projects in progress: UGAABA, Magic Academy and Eclipse. www.facebook.com/zeroartsentertainment